Smart PABX is a novel office telephony exchange solution that allows mobile networks to offer all the standard features, and more, of a traditional or virtual PABX to its corporate mobile clients any standard mobile device can run this service. Smart PABX is simple to use, easy to manage, and affordable to deploy.

BIT has combined two communication platforms (mobile phones and Hosted PABX) into one seamless unit to provide a unique service with features providing you an edge over your competitors.

Smart PABX is an ideal solution for small businesses and easily scalable to meet the needs of a large operation. It will provide your corporate clientele with a cost effective, hosted solution on their mobile phones which means mobility and effective call management at all times.

Smart PABX service significantly increases the call completion ratios because of its advanced features (call routing, VM features etc.) and never gives the caller a busy tone. Furthermore, with the Smart PABX service, a subscriber can add as many extension holders as required, as long as all the users are on the same mobile network providing you with additional customers and revenues.

This solution is hosted and managed by BIT and no additional equipment and operational costs mean greater margins and the ability to offer competitive pricing to your customers.